Purpose of Carboplatin

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How Does Carboplatin Fight Mesothelioma?

Carboplatin is a drug used in chemotherapy treatments. It was designed to destroy or inhibit the reproduction of cancer cells. Also known by the brand name Paraplatin®, carboplatin was approved as an anticancer drug by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1989. In addition to mesothelioma, carboplatin is also used to treat ovarian, breast, head and neck, esophageal and other types of cancer.

A modified version of the groundbreaking chemotherapy drug cisplatin, carboplatin is part of a group of drugs known as alkylating agents. Like cisplatin, carboplatin seeks to prevent cancer cells from multiplying by damaging their DNA. The cells’ DNA is damaged in a specific manner so as to initiate apoptosis (cell death), a process that occurs naturally in the body which leads to the programmed death of the cells.

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Always consult with your doctor and/or oncologist before beginning any chemotherapy treatment regimen.

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