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Johnson & Johnson attempts to defend against asbestos claims

For decades, people have turned to talcum powder, also called baby powder, to keep the bottoms of young children dry. Some people also apply the powder to their underwear or genitals to reduce sweat or odor. In recent years, however, this practice has come under fire as potentially dangerous. Some evidence indicates higher rates of ovarian cancers in baby powder users.

Many people believe that the likely culprit for this increased cancer risk is due to asbestos contamination of baby powders. In recent months, major talcum powder brands, including Johnson & Johnson (J&J) have faced lawsuits from people with cancers potentially related to asbestos contamination. J &J is now attempting to defend its product and brand in court.

VA hospital may have exposed employees and patients to asbestos

For decades, American workers ranging from automobile mechanics to construction workers suffered from exposure to a deadly compound. Once medical science tied asbestos to serious and often fatal cancers like mesothelioma, however, laws changed to mandate worker protection in the presence of this dangerous but commonly used resource.

Due, in no small part, to rising cultural awareness of the danger involved with asbestos, more stories keep coming out about dangerous exposure to this known carcinogen. Most recently, asbestos has made the front pages again due to allegations that a Massachusetts veteran's hospital knew about asbestos risks and did nothing. Inaction for years may have exposed countless workers and veterans in need of medical care to this dangerous substance.

Is It Time To Move Forward With Your Talcum Powder Claim?

Here at The Law Offices of Wallace & Graham, we recently provided a white paper online addressing the recent cases exploring a potential connection between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. In that paper, we emphasize the importance of understanding those cases properly. What do they say? Equally important, what do they not say? 

Does Talc Cause Cancer?

To help answer questions currently circulating about a possible connection between talc and ovarian cancer, our firm, Wallace & Graham, has published a SlideShare presentation for our white paper entitled, "Beyond The Headlines: What Do The Talcum Powder Cases Really Say?"

The notion that baby powder causes ovarian cancer gets attention. Recent cases have been filed against Johnson & Johnson around the country, claiming that the talc used in Johnson & Johnson's baby powder has caused ovarian cancer. Also catching eyes are the nine-figure awards for plaintiffs.

Jury awards $117 million in asbestos baby powder lawsuit in N.J.

Over the last few years, there has been a stark increase in the number of lawsuits filed related to talcum powders. These popular bath and beauty powders are often used on babies' bottoms to prevent diaper rash.

Women have also historically used this powder in their undergarments or directly on their genitals to reduce moisture and prevent odor. Newer evidence indicates that this could be a dangerous practice.

How Roundup, a popular weed killer, can impact pregnancy

Roundup is practically a household name. People all over the world use this product to kill the weeds growing in their lawns and gardens. In fact, this popular weedkiller is very commonly used in residential, commercial and agricultural applications. 300 million pounds of the chemical gets applied to crops every year. Unfortunately, the active chemical in Roundup, glyphosphate, may be a cause of a host of medical issues.

Some lawsuits pending in the court system claim that exposure to glyphosphate was responsible for the development of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Exposure to this chemical could have caused an otherwise preventable cancer. Now, researchers claim that glyphosphate could be connected to shorter pregnancies and the plethora of medical issues that come with premature delivery.

What Do The Talcum Powder Cases Really Say?

Is there a connection between talcum powder and ovarian cancer? While cases across the country are being filed about this controversy, it is important to get the facts. Understanding what these cases really do say is just as important as understanding what they do not say.

Shinrin-yoku might help to manage mesothelioma symptoms

People who have serious or terminal medical conditions will often look for ways outside of western medicine to help them cope with the effects of the illnesses. For people who are suffering from mesothelioma, news of the Japanese practice Shinrin-yoku might hold some interest. When translated, the term means "forest bathing."

Proponents of forest bathing remark that the practice, which involves breathing in the forest air and enjoying the natural environment, brings humans back to their origins. The practice of living in cities and suburbs is fairly new when you think about the length of time people have been on the Earth and how long they've been in cities.

The truth about asbestos and the link to cancer

Asbestos is a dangerous group of minerals in the form of fibers. These mineral fibers occur naturally around the world. They're found in rocks and in soil, where they're more or less neutral agents.

Two kinds of asbestos occur naturally. They include amphibole and chrysotile asbestos. Chrysotile is most often used in industry.

Talcum powder and the link to cancer

Does talcum powder lead to cancer? Can it cause ovarian cancer, in particular? These are potentially life-changing questions.

It is critical to know the answers, and they're questions medical professionals have been asking for years. Johnson & Johnson, one company that produces talcum powder, has faced lawsuits over the risks that weren't disclosed in the past. Should you worry about your risk of cancer from using this powdered substance?


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