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Manufacturing workers and others endure dangerous PVC exposure

Plastics are one of the most impressive modern conveniences. Different kinds of plastics have different degrees of rigidity and stability that allow manufacturers to use them in a wide range of products, and many plastic products can function safely for years if not decades.

Unfortunately, some kinds of plastic are safer than others. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a kind of plastic made from vinyl chloride. This plastic can get made into a range of valuable products, but one of the most common would be pipes. Companies also use PVC to coat the outside of wires and cables and to make various kinds of packaging.

Vaping linked to dangerous sleep deprivation

In recent years, many consumers moved from traditional forms of consuming tobacco to vaping, often because vaping appears to be a safer way to get a nicotine fix than smoking or from other tobacco products. However, as the medical community learns more about the dangers of vaping, new information shows that vaping is not a "safe" activity.

In the last year, we've seen news reports of serious respiratory illnesses related to vaping, often developing much more quickly than similar issues reported by tobacco smokers. If this was not enough to cast doubt on the safety of vaping products, new research now indicates that vaping may seriously impact users' ability to sleep.

Protecting your rights against workplace exposure

Many important jobs throughout the country put workers in close contact with hazardous chemicals or materials containing dangerous chemicals. For the protection of workers in these conditions, employers with facilities that store or handle harmful substances must take certain safety measures. However, it is still common for employees to work in unsafe conditions that may put many individuals at risk, and employees in these circumstances must protect their own rights.

If you work in an environment that puts you in close contact with toxic materials, you can take steps now to protect yourself and build a strong claim if you suffer harm from toxic exposure. With a strong legal strategy, you have the tools to protect your rights and pursue fair compensation for losses and suffering caused by the exposure.

Understanding the link between asbestos and mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a malignant tumor, a type of cancer that can originate in the lining of the lungs, abdomen or the heart. The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is a toxic mineral that has in the past been used in fabrics and construction materials. Those who have been exposed to asbestos have a risk of developing mesothelioma at a later point in their lives.

If you or a loved one has developed mesothelioma, they are likely suffering from this life-threatening disease due to asbestos exposure. In many cases, asbestos exposure can be traced back to their working environment. Therefore, it is important to reflect on when the affected person might have been exposed to asbestos, and whether there is any legal action that they may be able to take.

Vaping illnesses are a significant cause for concern

Over the last several years, the vaping industry has expanded enormously, often using promotion that appears aimed at a very young audience. As studies begin to emerge about the impact of vaping, evidence indicates that the substances vapers consume is not only addictive, it may also lead to severe respiratory illness.

Unfortunately, vaping illnesses do not only happen to other people in other parts of the country, or the world. A teenager in Charleston recently filed suit against a vaping manufacturer after he suffered severe symptoms and received hospitalization. This is only one of many suits in recent months calling on vaping manufacturers to take responsibility for marketing addictive substances to teenagers.

Despite cancer link, many farmers still use Roundup

If you are a farmer in the South, it's quite likely that you have a shed somewhere on your property that is stocked with the glyphosate-laden herbicide, Roundup. The chemical weedkiller was first created and manufactured by Monsanto.

But back in 2018, the German-owned Bayer forked over $63 million to purchase the company. What they also took on with that purchase was the tens of thousands of lawsuits against the company alleging that the glyphosate in Roundup caused farmers' cancer.

The greatest asbestos risks in an old home

Before the 1980s, asbestos was often used in home-building materials. These include things like asbestos tile and insulation. Since it was tough and fire-resistant, it seemed like a terrific material -- until it became clear that it could lead to deadly issues with lung cancer, mesothelioma and the like.

So, if you have an older home that dates back to the 1980s or before, you may have asbestos in the house. This is especially true, of course, if no renovations have been made over the years. But when do you face the greatest risks?

What steps should you take after a mesothelioma diagnosis?

Hearing from the doctor that you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma can come as a shock. You feel many emotions all at once, including denial, grief and possibly even anger. And you may feel overwhelmed as your doctor begins explaining all of your options for treatment.

Choosing the right treatment for you is a natural step to take after receiving a diagnosis, but there are a few other important steps that individuals in North Carolina and across the country should remember as well.

Despite health hype, vaping can easily lead to lung damage

People have long talked about vaporization systems as harm-reduction alternatives for those who routinely consume either nicotine products or marijuana products. Unfortunately, as the recent outbreak of vaping-related illnesses has shown, there simply isn't enough regulation in place or research available to ensure that vaping is safe for consumers yet.

It is obvious to most people how smoking is dangerous. You inhale the smoke produced through the crude combustion of chemically-treated plant materials. Compared to that, vaping seems scientific and safe. You, in theory, only consume the active ingredient you want and a carrier agent or solvent. Instead of inhaling smoke, you inhale a vapor, which sounds less threatening, but the science doesn't seem to back up that belief.

Closed Carolina asbestos factory necessitates massive cleanup

Some businesses cause catastrophic environmental damage and then close their doors and file bankruptcy when their terrible business practices and the financial impact they've caused finally comes to light. That certainly seems to be the case for residents living on the west side of Davidson, North Carolina.

There is an old, single-story brick building on Depot Street in Davidson that has stood there since 1890. Now known as the Metrolina Warehouse, this facility was previously a cotton mill and then later an asbestos factory for thirty years. While the asbestos company has not occupied that facility since 1960, community residents still have to deal with dangerous asbestos contamination decades later.


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