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Why does asbestos cause cancer?

We certainly know that asbestos exposure can lead to cancer. There's a reason that the use is largely banned, even though it is a terrific insulator. It's just too dangerous. Too many people have passed away after getting exposed to it, at different levels of exposure.

But why does it cause cancer? That's another question entirely, but one it appears researchers are now even closer to answering.

Monsanto will appeal massive Roundup lawsuit verdict

When new products get developed by big companies and researchers, the government must carefully balance the potential benefits of those products with the risks that they pose for consumers. Unfortunately, in some situations, companies have more control over the approval process for new products than they potentially should.

After all, a company that has invested tens of thousands or even millions of dollars in the process of developing a new product likely doesn't relish the idea of losing all that money because the product cannot go to market. Those same companies may finance research into the safety of the products they hope to release.

Wallace & Graham wins $32.7 million mesothelioma verdict - the largest of its kind in North Carolina history

Last month, a federal jury awarded a record-breaking $32.7 million* to the widow of a former tire-plant worker who passed away from mesothelioma. It's the largest single-plaintiff verdict - and the largest mesothelioma-related verdict - in the history of North Carolina. Attorney Bill Graham, a partner at Wallace & Graham, represented the plaintiff.

A cancer warning to all talcum powder users

Generations of Americans have enjoyed the use of talcum powder as a regular part of their personal hygiene practices. Both men and women use it on their bodies to control sweating and provide a sense of freshness. Barbers use it on their customers after a cut and a shave. Mothers use it on their babies to keep their bottoms dry and free of rashes. The problem is recent research reveals that talcum powder could cause cancer.

Why is talcum powder dangerous?

More asbestos imports could lead to more dangerous exposures

There are many potential sources of asbestos exposure, all of which people should try to minimize. In some places, large-scale mining operations release asbestos fibers into the air, putting everyone in the community at risk. For professionals in certain fields, asbestos exposure may be part of the job. Some people may even have high levels of asbestos exposure due to attendance or working in certain schools.

Generally speaking, industries have transitioned to a more careful approach to asbestos in recent years, although that historically was not the case. Many businesses have chosen to cut corners when it comes to product testing, mine composition testing and even employee safety gear that could protect workers. These cost-cutting measures eventually result in asbestos exposure at dangerous levels for employees or even customers.

Lawsuits may help those with mesothelioma afford new treatments

Mesothelioma is a debilitating, deadly cancer that is often linked to long-term exposure to asbestos. For many people, treatment may prolong their life, but it will do little to slow the overall advance of the cancer.

Thankfully, modern research is providing more ways for people to fight back against this deadly disease.

Schools could be a source of asbestos exposure in professionals

Public schools should be a safe space in which students can learn and prepare for their bright futures. Parents often send their children off to class without much consideration for the potential health and safety risks associated with school. Unfortunately, many schools built prior to the 1980s actually have environments that are dangerous for both students and the professionals who work inside the building.

Report auditing records from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released in September of 2018 indicate that a large number of school buildings across the United States have unacceptable or even dangerous levels of asbestos contamination.

Recent talc trial ended in mistrial due to juror indecision

The health and beauty brand Johnson & Johnson has lost some really large lawsuits in recent months. Many of them stem from contamination claims related to their talcum powder, which Johnson & Johnson sells marketed as baby powder.

Several large rulings have been won by plaintiffs claiming that their serious cancers related to lifelong use of or exposure to Johnson & Johnson's talc powder. However, this big company has become more adept at creating seeds of doubt within jurors and continues to deny responsibility while also pushing back against rulings in favor of plaintiffs.

Science, talcum powder and cancer

The science community has not fully committed to the definitive link between women's talcum powder usage and ovarian and uterine cancers. But some oncology researchers — and several recent juries — have determined that a causal link exists.

The results of one such study appeared in an issue of the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention journal. The scientists discovered that intimate use of talcum powder causes a 24 percent uptick of risk for uterine cancer.

The relationship between talcum powder and cancer

Sometimes it seems as if half the products on the marketplace can cause cancer. With others, such as coffee, there appear to be both benefits and potential dangers with its consumption.

It can thus be quite challenging to determine whether a product you know and love contains carcinogens that can put your health and life at risk. However, when it comes to talcum powder and certain types of cancer, many experts urge caution if not outright avoidance.


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