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Manufacturing workers and others endure dangerous PVC exposure

Plastics are one of the most impressive modern conveniences. Different kinds of plastics have different degrees of rigidity and stability that allow manufacturers to use them in a wide range of products, and many plastic products can function safely for…

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PVC exposure can lead to cancer and other medical issues

Advancements in chemical science and engineering can be a great boon for consumer products and manufacturers. Unfortunately, the same designs and compounds that solve numerous issues for businesses can cause a lot of problems for their customers and their employees.…

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The effects of polyvinyl chloride exposure

Working in environments such as factories and construction sites usually involves exposure to many different chemicals. All employers have the legal obligation to protect their employees from exposure to known hazards. Therefore, you should have been provided with adequate protective…

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Research shows softening compound in PVC piping to be cancer risk

It can be difficult as a consumer to know what new health scares are mostly media hype and what ones pose actual danger to you and your loved ones. It seems like every day, there is some report of medical…

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