Research shows softening compound in PVC piping to be cancer risk

It can be difficult as a consumer to know what new health scares are mostly media hype and what ones pose actual danger to you and your loved ones. It seems like every day, there is some report of medical issues related to popular products. Everything from eating certain foods to using certain kinds of paint in your house has come under fire for potential health risks.

With so much conflicting information, you might choose to ignore it all and hope for the best, assuming that companies wouldn’t intentionally make or sell dangerous products. However, there is another way to sort through all of those claims and engage in harm reduction practices for yourself and your family.

Look at outside reviews of the health claims made about certain compounds or products. For example, products or chemicals that insurance companies worry about due to potential future claims are likely to carry significant risk, as would anything identified as problematic by major medical groups. A report evaluating the insurance concerns related to different substances found that a compound commonly used in plastic PVC piping presents a substantial insurance risk.

PVC piping could be responsible for billions in financial risk

The chemicals used to manufacture PVC plastic piping can be dangerous for those who have prolonged exposure. That could mean working in a plant that manufacturers or uses PVC piping. It could even apply to those who have PVC piping in their home or who live near certain factories.

According to research about future financial risks for business insurance, a softening chemical used to make PVC pipe could potentially result in $356.3 billion in loss risk. That amount stems from a potential link to the disruption of the human hormone system. Researchers have also linked PVC piping to liver cancer and other serious health conditions.

Those who believe that they have developed a medical condition as a result of exposure to certain dangerous chemicals or products, like PVC piping, may have the right to take action in court. This can lead to substantial expense for the businesses and their insurance companies.

Both consumers and employees have rights if they wind up sick

When environmental exposure results in a serious illness, the person suffering the illness or their surviving dependents may have grounds for a civil lawsuit.

Employees can hold their employer accountable for failing to take adequate safety measures to protect them from environmental exposure to a carcinogen. Consumers can also potentially take action if exposure to a dangerous product has resulted in cancer or another serious illness.

Litigation against an employer or a company that produces a product can be quite difficult. Discussing your potential case with an attorney who understands complex liability cases can be a good first step toward the compensation you need.