California woman awarded $29 million in talcum powder case

For decades, women used Johnson Johnson’s talcum powder as a way to keep themselves as fresh as possible. During those same decades, it is very likely that Johnson Johnson executives were aware of asbestos contamination in the mines providing the talc for their product.

In other words, millions of women unknowingly sprinkle a dangerous carcinogen into their babies’ diapers and even their own undergarments. In recent years, scientists have established a correlation between asbestos exposure and certain reproductive cancers, specifically ovarian cancer.

Several people have now successfully brought lawsuits against the health and beauty giant corporation Johnson Johnson. These people developed a cancer that has a correlation with asbestos exposure after years of Johnson Johnson talcum powder use.

California jury awards woman $29 million

Johnson Johnson has a major uphill legal battle to fight regarding the safety of its talcum powder products. Commonly sold as baby powder, these products are intended for use on the human body. Unfortunately, Johnson Johnson has knowingly sourced out from contaminated mines and potentially sold products that tested positive for asbestos to consumers in the past.

Third party independent testing has found asbestos in various Johnson Johnson talcum powder containers. That and medical documentation led the jury to side with the victim, awarding her $29 million in California court. This most recent verdict, which came in on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, is just one of several recent losses for the huge company.

A court in Missouri recently refused to undo the decision of a jury that gave 22 women involved in a mass tort related to contaminated talcum powder a $4 billion verdict. With thousands of talc-related lawsuits currently pending, the company could see a flurry of losses in the wake of these important decisions. There are likely also going to be many more lawsuits filed in the near future.

Bath and beauty products must be safe

Companies that make products for use on your body should invest in adequate testing to ensure safety. Consumers place their very lives in the hands of companies that produce products intended for consumption or bodily use. When companies either knowingly misinform the public or failed to perform adequate safety testing, they must get held accountable for that decision.

Allowing the sale of a product that contains a known carcinogen is negligent at best and potentially criminal at worst. Consumers shouldn’t have to worry about massive cover-ups and the possibility of developing cancer when purchasing basic health and beauty products.

If you or someone you love has developed cancer because of talcum powder exposure, it is probably time to sit down with an attorney and discuss your options in North Carolina.