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Justice and Compensation for Navy Veterans With Asbestos-Related Disease

If you or your family member has an asbestos-related disease from service-related exposure, you may be entitled to veterans’ benefits. You may also have grounds to sue the manufacturers of machinery and materials made with asbestos. We are proud of our proven advocacy on behalf of the men and women of the U.S. Navy suffering from mesothelioma or asbestosis.

The Navy mesothelioma lawyers from Wallace & Graham, P.A. focus specifically on mesothelioma litigation. Contact us today at nap-item 800-849-5291 for a free consultation.

Avenues for Coverage and Compensation

Our experienced and compassionate lawyers will sit down with you to explain your legal rights as a Navy veteran or as a surviving family member in a mesothelioma lawsuit. We can act fast to bring claims within the statute of limitations for a given state.

VA Benefits — You can’t sue the federal government, but you may be eligible for Veterans Administration disability. Benefits include medical coverage for mesothelioma treatment and supplemental income. There may be spousal benefits as well. Wallace & Graham, P.A. assists in preparing or appealing claims.

The chief challenge is getting our client service-rated — connecting asbestos exposure to military duties. We quickly obtain the Navy’s DD-214 form, which details the person’s Navy career — duty stations, enlistment/re-enlistment dates, pay grades, every ship and port. Using this document as a starting point, we can determine where and how our client was exposed.

Mesothelioma Lawsuits — You can bring legal action against the makers and secondary users of products that contained asbestos. The adverse health effects were well-documented but ignored for decades in pursuit of profits. Wallace & Graham, P.A. has successfully sued major defense contractors and U.S. manufacturers. Product liability laws vary from state to state.

We can determine if you have a viable claim and can work with local counsel to guide your mesothelioma claim through the legal process in your state. Again, we use the DD-214 to trace the service history of our clients. We are familiar with the hundreds of asbestos products used by the Navy in shipbuilding, in engine room boilers and turbines and throughout naval vessels in pipes, pumps, valves and gaskets.

Where Was Their “Honor, Courage and Commitment?”

The Navy Surgeon General publicly warned in 1939 of the health hazards of asbestos. But the risks were downplayed. The Department of Defense continued to condone — in fact, ordered — its use in shipbuilding for another 40 years. Navy officials did little to abate asbestos or provide protective gear to shipyard workers or sailors. Even today, the U.S. government has not fully acknowledged its culpability or its obligations to provide medical coverage. You have to fight for your rights, and that’s where Wallace & Graham, P.A. comes in.

Call us toll free at 800-849-5291. We welcome retired (or active duty) Navy and Coast Guard personnel, or their family members. We provide a free case evaluation and practice nationwide.

No Matter Where You Are, We’re Here For YOU

Based in North Carolina, Wallace & Graham, P.A. represents clients nationwide. Call or contact us online for a free case evaluation. Our skilled and caring attorneys will explain your rights and fight for the justice you deserve.

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