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The Firm has represented clients throughout the United States. Our attorneys, however, are only licensed to practice in state courts that are specifically enumerated in their individual attorney profiles. We also have affiliations in particular cases with attorneys licensed to practice in other state courts throughout the United States. Should you reside in another state, the law firm may need to associate with local counsel to assist you in accordance with the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction. Nothing herein is intended to imply or suggest that the law firm has the ability to practice law in jurisdictions other than those in which its members are licensed.

To the extent State Bar rules require us to designate a principal office and/or single attorney responsible for this site, the law firm designates Bill Graham as the attorney responsible for this site, located at 525 North Main Street, Salisbury, North Carolina.

Our attorneys do not wish to enter into a representation with anyone desiring representation based on viewing these materials in another state or foreign jurisdiction where this web site fails to comply with the laws or rules of professional conduct of that state or jurisdiction. We reserve the right to decline any representation.

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Mesothelioma Litigation

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Who Is at Risk for
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Talcum Powder
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Zantac Lawsuits

Zantac Lawsuits

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PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
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Vaping Cases

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