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North Carolina Korean War Veterans Mesothelioma & Asbestos Exposure Attorney

When it comes to classifying mesothelioma cases by wars that sufferers served in, we must realize that there was nothing unique about Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan as far as how asbestos exposure occurred.

In a great many cases, American military personnel serving in these wars were likely exposed to asbestos on our country’s own military vessels and aircraft, and through use of American military-supplied construction materials and products such as firefighters’ clothing.

Korean War Veteran Suffering from Mesothelioma?

Timing may be of interest for veterans of the Korean War. Many Korean War veterans are now in their 70s. We now know that mesothelioma can develop decades after a patient’s original exposure to asbestos. Korean War veterans are in a time of life when good health can mean longevity and a good quality of life, and poor health can make life miserable. A diagnosis of mesothelioma, to a Korean veteran, can spell the beginning of the end of an enjoyable life.

Whatever doctors predict about your prognosis after an asbestos-related disease diagnosis, you are sure to have many expenses. You will most likely want the best available medical treatments. You may need help obtaining Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. Wallace & Graham, P.A. has helped many veterans who developed mesothelioma years after leaving the military service.

In addition to helping our clients with VA claims, we often find evidence of third-party claims against manufacturers or private employers that our Korean War veterans worked for after leaving the Air Force.

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