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Standing Up For Victims Of Asbestos Exposure During WWII

Quite a few occupations of members of the armed forces in World War II put soldiers, sailors and airmen at risk of asbestos exposure. Activities that put troops in harm’s way included:

This war took place during an era when asbestos use was at its peak. Industrialization was in high gear. The nation went into high drive during those years. Factories were churning out supplies and equipment needed by members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force at war in Europe and the Pacific.

Asbestos exposure in World War II was also a risk for civilian workers back at home. Civilian factory workers and mechanics often came into contact with asbestos products and asbestos-contaminated work environments. Family members of those civilian workers were also at risk of secondhand exposure to asbestos. News of the cause-effect relationship of asbestos exposure and mesothelioma was not yet widely known.

Many thousands of World War II veterans and civilian workers alike have already died of mesothelioma and other causes. The age group of “the Greatest Generation,” as members of this demographic group are often referred to, has reached a stage where many are naturally passing away at a rapid rate. However, many others died in previous decades while still young or middle-aged.

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Mesothelioma is a slow-developing, progressive condition. It may be impossible at this time to determine how many died of diseases caused by asbestos. However, if you are a veteran, a former factory worker, or a son or daughter of someone who may have been exposed to asbestos during the World War II era, and you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, Wallace & Graham, P.A. is available to help you explore opportunities for financial relief.

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