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Navy Mesothelioma Lawsuit & Asbestos Claims Statute Of Limitations in U.S.

It takes 20, 30 or even 50 years after exposure for mesothelioma to develop. Then from the date of diagnosis, two clocks start ticking.

The first clock is the timer on the victim’s life — life expectancy is measured in mere months or a few short years, depending on how advanced the cancer is. Our clients need a fast diagnosis to explore treatment options and begin life-extending medical measures as soon as possible.

The second clock is the period in which a mesothelioma lawsuit (or VA disability claim) must be filed. In some states, the window is quite short. Failure to bring suit within the statute of limitations could nullify your ability to recover medical expenses, lost income and damages for pain and suffering.

*We have represented clients in states across the United States. If one of our attorneys is not licensed within your state, we will associate with local counsel to provide our knowledge and experience to your mesothelioma claim.

Mesothelioma Lawsuits Statute Of Limitations on Behalf of U.S. Navy Veterans

The manner in which your lawsuit is handled in the initial stages has a great bearing on the final outcome. The law firm of Wallace & Graham, P.A. in North Carolina has litigated mesothelioma cases throughout the United States. We determine the most favorable jurisdiction to bring claims, including consideration of each state’s statute of limitations.

We ensure that “all the ducks are in a row” when bringing a mesothelioma lawsuit to ensure that it meets the filing requirements. A one-year statute of limitations might seem like a long time, but there are many details that must be researched. We document the veteran’s specific diagnosis, verify known asbestos hazards at their various duty stations and trace the manufacturers or defense contractors responsible for machinery or materials that contained asbestos.

Many of our clients do not live to see justice. Lawsuits that begin as product liability claims for personal injury almost always must be converted to a wrongful death/survival action on behalf of surviving family members. The damages are different in that case, and there may a short period to re-file the claim and file any companion claims.

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