North Carolina construction accident results in death of worker

Workers’ compensation protections are available in North Carolina for family members of workers killed on the job. A construction accident in a nearby community less than an hour east of the Rowan area recently died after falling 30 feet from a bridge. The man was working on the bridge that is part of the bypass project. He was identified by a construction company as a contractor working on the project. The construction company provided information that the worker was taking a screed apart which is a layer of material such as cement applied to a surface such as a floor. Part of the screed fell of its rail and the worker fell at that point.

The worker suffered head trauma and was transported by an emergency crew to a medical center where he was pronounced dead. Work on the bridge is suspended while officials investigate the cause of the work-related death and accident. Work-related deaths, regardless of how they result, can be devastating and overwhelming for families and leave them wondering what resources they can turn to and rely upon.

When a worker has been injured or killed in a workplace accident or because of an occupational illness that results in disability or death, it is important that workers and their families understand the resources available to help them which can include workers’ compensation benefits. Surviving family members may be able to receive workers’ compensation death benefits following the loss of a loved one in a workplace accident.

Death benefits can include wage replacement and burial expenses but it is important for family members to understand how benefits are calculated and how to obtain them. Workers’ compensation benefits can help family members through an especially difficult time which is why it is beneficial for families to be familiar with their workers’ compensation rights following the traffic loss of a loved one.

Source: The Courier-Tribune, “Man dies in bridge construction accident,” Larry Penkava, March 21, 2017