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North Carolina Mesothelioma & Asbestos Exposure Workers’ Comp Attorney

If your loved one is suffering from disease caused by workplace asbestos exposure, he or she may have a workers’ compensation disability claim. Likewise, if your family member died of asbestos, mesothelioma or other asbestos-related cancer, survivors may be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits.

Wallace & Graham, P.A. in North Carolina represents clients working with local counsel across the nation in both workers’ compensation mesothelioma claims and third-party lawsuits. We have helped clients across the United States recover rightful compensation. Call today at 800-849-5291 for a free initial consultation.

Workers’ Compensation Mesothelioma Claims in North Carolina

In some states, mesothelioma claims are automatically considered an occupational illness, as are asbestosis claims. Lung cancer is somewhat trickier to qualify for workers’ compensation, especially if the person was also a smoker. In any cases we work on, we associate with local counsel and then we help clients submit documentation of asbestos exposure and get a confirmed diagnosis from a reputable oncologist or pulmonologist. If the claim is rejected for any reason, our experienced lawyers can represent clients in appeals to state workers’ compensation boards.

Employer-paid medical coverage is especially important because third-party litigation may take years to resolve — not all medical providers will treat patients on the promise of later payment from a lawsuit settlement. Wallace & Graham, P.A. helps manage clients’ files to fully document all medical expenses relating to mesothelioma/asbestosis treatment. If the claimant is still working, we pursue lost wages in addition to medical benefits.

If there is a third-party claim, such as product liability against a manufacturer, our attorneys coordinate those claims with the workers’ compensation case. Clients can receive the benefit of both, although the defendants will have lien rights against each other to recover some of the overlap.

The typical victim of mesothelioma was exposed to asbestos at many jobs. Workers’ compensation varies widely from state to state, but typically we can bring the claim against (a) the employer of last exposure or (b) the employer of greatest exposure. We research the most favorable jurisdiction to file the claim.

Partners Bill Graham and Mona Lisa Wallace have nearly 40 years of combined experience in mesothelioma litigation, including workers’ compensation cases. We have represented clients in most every type of occupation, especially those who had the heaviest asbestos exposure — miners, industrial plant employees, factory workers, construction workers, auto mechanics and maintenance employees.

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Contact our Charlotte, North Carolina, headquarters to discuss your case, no matter where you live now or where in the United States you were primarily exposed. If necessary, we will associate with local counsel in the state you reside to handle your mesothelioma claims. We provide a free case evaluation.

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