Legal help for former military members exposed to asbestos

There are many military veterans residing in North Carolina and those who served in branches that involve being stationed on a ship in years past might have been exposed to asbestos. Asbestos was a common substance used on ships and the military did not dispense with it nor disclose of the danger of it for a significant period, placing people in jeopardy. Since asbestos is a substance that is known to be dangerous and can cause asbestos-related disease, those who were affected or lost a loved one should be aware of their rights to seek compensation through a legal filing.

People who joined the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Marines or were in the Merchant Marine all might have been exposed. The idea of joining the service in any branch is to give something back. That decision might have led to people being made sick after exposure to asbestos. It is possible that those who were exposed will have asbestosis, mesothelioma, or lung cancer. Since these diseases are nearly impossible to treat effectively, those who suffer from them will know their time is short and their fate is essentially sealed. That, however, does not mean they are not entitled to compensation for what they were exposed to in the course of their service.

Not only do those who were in the service need to be concerned about asbestos-related disease, but it can also affect those who were working in some capacity on the ships. That includes builders, longshoremen, engineers, mechanics and others. Simply sleeping near pipes that were coated with asbestos could have led to the substance harming these individuals and eventually have caused the accompanying diseases. The military was aware of the danger of asbestos as were the manufacturers. Nothing was done to protect the service members and workers.

Since the diseases that stem from asbestos are so deadly, it is imperative that those suffering from them act as quickly as possible. If a family has lost a loved one due to asbestos, they too should make certain contact a legal professional experienced in asbestos litigation. Military people and their families who faced asbestos exposure should make that call immediately to take the necessary steps to be compensated.