State plans audit of site where asbestos cleanup stagnated

In North Carolina and across the U.S., asbestos is a dangerous substance that was used in a variety of ways. When it is discovered, it must be cleared from the location in an appropriate manner. Unfortunately, that involves certain costs not just in cleaning it up, but it might frighten those who were previously interested in using the location for their own purposes. Given the risks for asbestos-related disease after asbestos exposure, it is important to keep track of areas that were found to have asbestos. Those who might have been exposed to the substance and became a victim of asbestosis and other health-related problems need to protect themselves by considering asbestos litigation against those responsible.

An audit will be conducted to make sure that the asbestos-related demolition of a former hospital was done based on applicable procedures. Overseeing this audit will be the Office of Inspector General for the Environmental Protection Agency. Claims have been made that the asbestos demolition was done improperly. It has not yet been established when the audit will be done. The goal of the demolition was to protect the health of those who might be exposed to asbestos since the substance can lead to mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

In 2015, several entities came to an agreement to buy the site for slightly more than $400,000. The former owner was expected to handle the cleanup. Work was stopped in October 2015 after demolition had commenced. Before the project was allowed to continue, the seller was told that he had to get rid of the asbestos in the debris and standing buildings. The EPA became involved when the seller did not follow through on the order. Since no work was being done, the project was unappealing to the eye and also cause health risks due to the asbestos. Foreclosure has been ordered due to unpaid taxes on the property.

This situation is an example of how owners might try to avoid necessary cleaning practices when there is asbestos found within a property. Since asbestos can do such extensive damage to those who are exposed, knowing when it might have been present. Since asbestos-related disease is generally fatal, those exposed have a short window to be compensated. Their families must also act quickly to receive compensation due to illnesses that are linked to asbestos. Discussing the matter with an attorney who has experience in asbestos cases is imperative to filing a case.

Source:, “EPA to audit handling of old Davis Hospital cleanup,” Jennifer Dandron, Feb. 9, 2017