Asbestos discovery from former factory worries neighborhood

Asbestos has become known as a dangerous substance that can cause North Carolina residents and people all around the world to become ill and suffer asbestos-related death due to exposure to it. While many people are afflicted with a fatal asbestos-related disease after the work they did, there are also cases in which they were exposed to it in their homes or schools. If there is illness and wrongful death from asbestos, it is important to know how to pursue compensation through asbestos litigation.

The discovery of what was once an asbestos shingles factory in Davidson has led to residents in that neighborhood becoming concerned about their exposure to it. One woman stated that she saw signs of asbestos in the mud after it has rained. She suffered from lung cancer five years ago and is of the belief that it was due to the factory and its asbestos. The Department of Environmental Quality stated that trees and vegetation in the area were found to have been exposed to the substance and were therefore being removed.

According to the state, a heavy rainfall led to the erosion of a slope were the factory once was. The factory made asbestos shingles from the 1930s to the 1960s. They think the rainwater was contaminated by asbestos and flowed into the area. Workers are planning to replace the soil and fix the slope so the contaminated water will not flow into the area again.

Many believe that asbestos-related death cases stem from those who unwittingly worked with the substance before it was known to be dangerous or after it was known to place workers’ health in jeopardy and its presence was covered up. For those who happen to live in a location where asbestos is present, they can also become ill and suffer from diseases related to asbestos. It can cause cancer and other health problems that invariably end up being fatal. For those who believe they became ill or lost a loved one due to asbestos exposure, it is important to act quickly to seek compensation via asbestos litigation with help from an experienced attorney.

Source:, “Asbestos discovered in neighborhood,” Dan Yesenosky, Jan. 30, 2017