Workers can be eligible for compensation after asbestos exposure

Learning that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an illness caused by exposure to asbestos can be tragic. Even learning that you have been exposed to asbestos can be shocking and very upsetting. The last thing on people’s minds at these difficult times is often money.

But the reality is that money can be a very important part of getting treatment and taking care of yourself and your family after asbestos has put someone’s health in danger. Pursuing the maximum compensation available may be essential, and having the help of an attorney to identify all the potential sources for payment can be important.

We often discuss the compensation that may be available by pursuing a claim against a manufacturer of an asbestos product or a property owner who failed to adequately protect others from asbestos on site. But it is crucial not to overlook workers’ compensation as a source of financial benefits.

Workers who have been exposed to toxic materials including asbestos on the job can often pursue a claim for compensation against an employer. These claims are often settled much more quickly than others, which means victims can start receiving benefits sooner, making it easier to get medical care.

Workers’ compensation claims can provide victims and their families with the financial resources they need and deserve so that they can focus on getting medical treatment. It is just one source of compensation, but it can often be the first that people receive. In order to understand your rights and options for pursuing workers’ compensation or appealing a denied claim, you can consult the attorneys at The Law Offices of Wallace & Graham, who are familiar with the many different ways asbestos-exposure victims may seek compensation.

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