Why more women may be exposed to asbestos

When most people learn about the risks associated with asbestos exposure, they may inaccurately believe that they are not in danger of developing mesothelioma, asbestosis and other related diseases. They may think they are safe because they have never worked in shipyards or on railways, and they have never been down in the mines where people used to acquire the toxic fiber. However, people come into contact with dangerous products that contain asbestos every day.

Some sources indicate that women are increasingly becoming victims of diseases that are caused by asbestos exposure. The reason for this may surprise people at first, but it certainly makes sense.

The recent influx of renovation and do-it-yourself shows on television may be the reason that woman are among the groups of people that are expected to develop mesothelioma at increased rates over the next several years. Sources indicate that the international appeal of home renovation shows appeal to women who then tackle home repair and construction projects on their own.

These shows, however, do not properly warn viewers of the dangers of asbestos. In many cases, people are taking on projects without any awareness that there may be some risk associated with certain repairs. Replacing tile, updating plumbing or taking out drywall are all tasks that can expose people to asbestos.

One of the devastating factors of asbestos-related diseases is that they can often take decades to develop, and victims may not see symptoms for up to 50 years. However, this is not to say that there is nothing that can be done about it. By working with an attorney who understands the unique challenges that victims of asbestos exposure are presented with, it is possible to track the source of exposure and pursue compensation from the manufacturer of that product.

Source: The Australian, “Asbestos risk for female renovators,” Judy Skatssoon, Nov. 25, 2012