What Are The Risks Associated With Consumption Of Zantac?

When you purchase a medication off the shelf at your local North Carolina pharmacy, you probably assume it’s safe to use. After all, they wouldn’t sell it if it was dangerous, right? In reality, use and distribution of potentially harmful medications sometimes occurs before the public and medical professionals become aware of their true risks. One such medication is Zantac, a medication commonly used for heartburn.

Heartburn, ulcers, acids and other conditions are those treated by Zantac. Only after it was in wide circulation among the public did researchers find that it contained a chemical often linked with cancer. After learning the drug was potentially harmful, the Food and Drug Administration recalled the medication — both prescription and over-the-counter formulas.

Why is it dangerous?

The specific chemical in Zantac that is concerning for users is called N-nitrosodimethylamine. There is evidence of it in both the generic and name-brand versions of the medication. The FDA initiated the recall and immediately sent requests to the manufacturer to remove it from the shelves. At the same time, the FDA also requested that those using the drug stop immediately and dispose of remaining doses properly.

NDMA in this type of medication is an environmental contaminant. It’s classified as a carcinogen, meaning that it is considered to be dangerous to humans. There is evidence to link long-term exposure to NDMA in large amounts to gastric, colorectal and other types of cancer. Liver damage is a potential side effect of exposure to even small amounts. The only acceptable use of this chemical now is in research.

Are you a victim?

Many are pursuing legal action over the effects of NDMA exposure in Zantac. If your health suffered as a result of the medication you took, believing it was safe, you could have grounds to pursue legal action as well. It is in your interests to act quickly if you think you could have a case.

While compensation cannot reverse what happened to you or a loved one, it may allow you to recoup the losses that you suffered as a result of your health concerns. Because of the number of people pursuing compensation after consuming Zantac, it is possible there could be class action lawsuits in the future. It may be helpful to explore all of your legal actions regarding your pursuit of recompense from Zantac litigation.