Victims of asbestos illnesses awarded $190 million

Coping with an asbestos-related illness is often very difficult for victims and their families. There are hospital visits, medical bills and the pains associated with the illness that all must be focused on. This can already be enough for people to deal with. It may not seem like a good idea to add a lawsuit to the mix.

Many victims of asbestos exposure shy away from holding a negligent employer or other party legally accountable for what they have had to go through. They may think that it is too complicated and takes too long to file a lawsuit, but the truth is that many people who do take legal action are able to get compensation and a sense that justice has been served. Recently, five victims of toxic asbestos exposure were awarded $190 million from two companies who were held responsible for their illnesses.

Eleven weeks ago, the five men went to trial against two companies after filing a lawsuit. Each of the men had developed asbestos-related cancers, including mesothelioma, after working for the boiler companies in various capacities. During their employment as plumbers, construction workers and steamfitters, they were never told by their employers that they were being exposed to toxic asbestos. A jury determined that the companies had been negligent in protecting their workers and the men were awarded $190 million.

Tragically, three of the victims succumbed to their illnesses before the completion of the trial. They suffered from mesothelioma, which can be a very aggressive type of cancer.

Deciding whether or not to pursue compensation from a negligent company can be very difficult for victims, especially when they are dealing with such serious health concerns. However, the compensation that may be awarded can be substantial. In many cases, the amount awarded is enough to cover medical bills, ongoing care and treatment. It can also help family members cope with the financial, physical and emotional aspects of losing a loved one.

Source: New York Post, “Asbestos vics score $190M,” Julia Marsh, July 25, 2013