Police officers confront dangerous suspect: asbestos

No one wants to live or work in an unnecessarily dangerous place. People want to feel safe and know that they are aware of any potential hazards in their home or workspace and deal with those situations accordingly. But sometimes we discover an unexpected and unwelcomed hazard that has been potentially putting us in danger for quite some time and it can be crucial to figure out how to remedy the situation and who may be held responsible.

Recently, police officers were made aware of one such hazard that may have been present in a building in which many of them work. Asbestos was possibly discovered in an air conditioning unit in an accident investigation office and many police officers fear that they were exposed to asbestos inside the building.

Many old buildings were constructed using asbestos, so it still exists in many of these same buildings today. Undisturbed, asbestos may not be that harmful to someone’s health. However, as soon as it is disturbed and is released into the air, it can be breathed in by anyone working or living on the premises.

Reports from the recent discovery indicate that the building in which the asbestos may have been identified has been shut down so that an investigation can be conducted. If the substance that was found turns out to be asbestos, there is a chance that the officers and other workers in the building were negligently exposed to the toxic fiber without their knowledge.

Building owners have a responsibility to share information about the presence of asbestos with the people who visit, live or work in the building. In the event that the asbestos poses a threat to these people, it is essential that steps are taken by the property owner to have it removed. Otherwise, innocent people can suffer the tragic consequences of an asbestos-related disease.

Source: My Fox Philly, “Asbestos Scare At Philly Accident Investigation Unit,” July 10, 2013