Securing compensation in a work-related death action

For some workers in North Carolina, it is necessary to work within a high-risk environment. While it is not always safe for the health and wellbeing for some employees, working within these industries is important for society. Additionally, they can be very rewarding for those working in them. While it is apparent that these positions come with them certain risks for illnesses, employees often do not consider developing a fatal asbestos disease from the work environment.

The loss of a loved one is a tough event to navigate through. At the Law Offices of Wallace Graham, our experienced legal team understands the difficulties families experience after a loved one has perished due to asbestos-related cancer. Thus, we are devoted to helping loved ones not only move past this tragic event but also help them claim the benefits and compensation owed to them.

It can sometimes be difficult pinpointing the cause of an illness. A worker might initially be disqualified for workers’ compensation because signs and symptoms are similar to other illnesses such as lung cancer developed due to smoking. Our dedicated legal team has the skills and recourses required to prove your claim that a loved one has died due to a work-related illness.

We will uncover necessary evidence, conduct investigations, gather witness testimony and even utilize expert witnesses. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients while also protecting their rights and interests in the matter.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s work-related death website. We understand that it can be a difficult matter to discuss and even make a claim for. However, we are aware of the benefits that are rightfully yours. We will help you uncover that information and help you recover the compensation owed to you.