Popular children’s makeup recalled for asbestos contamination

Asbestos recalls are somewhat common. If you closely follow product recalls or asbestos news, you may remember that in early 2018, the brand Justice recalled a number of products because of reports that laboratories found asbestos in some of them. There were similar claims made against the accessories chain store Claire’s, although Claire’s had less of an immediate reaction then Justice did.

However, it appears that Claire’s is still struggling with sourcing clean talc for their makeup and avoiding asbestos contamination in the products that they sell to young girls. There is currently a nationwide voluntary recall and an FDA recommendation against using certain makeup purchased at Claire’s or from Beauty Plus Global.

Only certain batches of specific products are part of the recall

If you or a member of your family within the last two or three months purchased makeup from either Beauty Plus Global or Claire’s, you should check to see if it is one of the recalled products. If it is, you should stop using it immediately and take steps to obtain a replacement or refund. You may also want to create some kind of documentation about the experience in case there are future health issues.

At Beauty Plus Global, the Contour Effects Palette 2 is part of the recall. If you purchased this item, check the packaging to see if it is part of batch number S1603002/PD-C1179. Claire’s customers will need to check the makeup for their young daughters, as the recalled makeup in question is branded Jojo Siwa. For those unfamiliar, she is a young girl from a popular reality TV show, and her products mainly appeal to tweens and preteens. The SKU is 888711136337 and the batch number is S180109.

Even if you or your child has already used these products, you should stop using them and return them to the store. The Food and Drug Administration is also asking consumers to report any symptoms that they experience through a website. However, asbestos contamination usually doesn’t lead to immediate symptoms. Instead, it can be years or even decades before someone exposed to unsafe levels of particulate asbestos develops an illness like mesothelioma.

Product liability lawsuits and mass torts hold manufacturers accountable

Too many companies have skirted safety regulations or bent the rules in order to maximize their profits on any given product. When it comes to health and beauty products, it is common for companies to use low-priced sources without independent chemical testing, which could mean that the materials they use to make the products arrive contaminated from the mine where the mineral came from.

Talking about your family’s unique circumstances with an experienced North Carolina asbestos attorney is a good idea if you worry about the health impacts of asbestos exposure.