Justice recalls asbestos-containing makeup after secondary test

Several previous North Carolina blog posts reported on allegations regarding makeup products from tween retailers, Claire’s and Justice. Both companies pulled their alleged asbestos-containing products from the shelves to ensure the safety of customers. According to Justice, initial tests showed no evidence of asbestos, however secondary testing revealed that small amounts of the deadly mineral were present.

Accordingly, Justice has announced a recall of these products and states that an extensive investigation is ongoing. The company does not know of any adverse reactions, injuries or illnesses caused by the recalled products and says that adverse consequences are unlikely. However, in the interest of public safety, the retailer has removed the makeup from shelves and will be issuing full refunds to those who return the products (“Just Shine” makeup line, including Powder, Bronzer Brush, Makeup Palettes and Eye Shadow Palettes) to its stores.

Initially, the makeup was tested by a third-party testing lab, certified by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), an independent organization that develops and published international standards for products, services and systems. That test concluded that there was no asbestos present and the company assured customers that any reports stating otherwise were inaccurate.

However, North Carolina news team WTVD since conducted an independent investigation and sent the makeup to be tested by the Scientific Analytical Institute (SAI) in Greensboro. That test uncovered the presence of tremolite asbestos fibers. The SAI lab Director of Research and Analytical Services warns consumers to stop using the powder immediately.

The product could cause tweens – the company’s target customers – to develop a fatal disease such as mesothelioma from asbestos product exposure. Furthermore, the lab found evidence of barium, chromium and selenium in the makeup as well. It remains to be seen whether Justice will face any product liability lawsuits for selling these alleged asbestos-containing products.

Source: Good Housekeeping, Asbestos Found in Makeup by Tween Retailer Justice, Marci Robin, February 1, 2018