Mesothelioma is a devastating diagnosis for many

Workers typically report for work daily with an understanding of any dangers they could face. However, as medical technology improves, more information is surfacing regarding the causes of mesothelioma. North Carolina residents who are suffering with this condition or feel they have been subjected to asbestos which can cause this disease may take a particular interest in a recent case.

A 40-year-old man was awarded one of the largest sums ever, $27.5 million for his mesothelioma case, in which it was determined he contracted the disease secondhand after being subjected to harmful asbestos dust from his father’s work clothing. His father lost his life in 1994 after a battle with lung cancer. He was a longtime employee at Eaton Airflex. The asbestos dust was in the brake pads that the father was in contact with.

As a result of this disease, the man has now undergone multiple surgeries and lost a lung. Unfortunately, this disease comes with a life sentence. It is almost certain to spread to his other lung and ultimately cost him his life — which will leave his wife and child without their husband and father. The breakdown of the award included money specifically given to the wife for her losses as well. While money certainly can’t save the man’s life, his family can hopefully have a secure future and the case has certainly drawn more attention to this dangerous issue.

Residents of North Carolina who feel they have been exposed to asbestos and are facing health issues as a result may benefit from determining where they were exposed and what the repercussions will be. After understanding what a person is facing, they can research the applicable laws to understand the best action to take. Although a person’s health is irreplaceable and mesothelioma is a devastating diagnosis to endure, a victim suffering through no fault of their own can at least be hopeful to secure a financial future for their loved ones should they be eligible for monetary compensation.

Source:, Tri-C professor with asbestos-related cancer wins record $27.5 million verdict in Cuyahoga County court, James F. McCarty, Jan. 22, 2014