Former school-hospital condemned for asbestos

North Carolina residents who suffer from asbestos-related disease due to asbestos exposure understand the severe health issues and concerns that accompany the disease. Asbestos was used frequently for a variety of purposes before it was known to be dangerous and a number of people who were exposed to the substance and now suffer asbestos-related disease have filed asbestos litigation.

A building in Missouri that once functioned as both a hospital and a school has been condemned because of the presence of asbestos. The substance was discovered in the elevator shafts after smoke was seen coming from the building and police investigated. Asbestos is believed to permeate the building as work crews are breaking into the ceilings. The owner of the building is working with authorities to fix the issue.

Asbestos was once used as a common substance for everything from machinery, building materials, clothing and much more. Companies and building owners who utilized asbestos were reluctant to remove it due to the associated costs. They also did not want to pay workers who suffered from asbestos-related disease as a result. There is a known connection between asbestos and many illnesses such as mesothelioma, lung cancer and other health problems. It can take as long as 50 years for the symptoms of asbestos exposure and asbestos-related disease to show up. When people do become ill and realize that it is due to asbestos exposure, they are increasingly seeking compensation via asbestos litigation.

In this case, because the building was a hospital and a school, there is the possibility that children, teachers, administrators, doctors, nurses and patients were subject to asbestos exposure and didn’t even know it. If people concerned about the possibility of becoming ill or are feeling sick, they would be wise to contact and speak to an attorney about their situation.

Source:, “Hannibal condemns a building because of asbestos,” Nick Adams, Jan. 16, 2014