Mesothelioma cancer research offers hope

A recently published research report offers hope to patients suffering from mesothelioma and other lung diseases which so often cause wrongful death. In it, cancer researchers from the University of Pennsylvania indicate that they have achieved a breakthrough in discovering a type of cold virus which mobilizes a person’s immune system to combat mesothelioma cancer and a few other types of cancer when injected into the body.

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer often caused by exposure to asbestos. The study focused on nine patients suffering from mesothelioma, and revealed that five patients who were not at an advanced stage of the disease’s progression achieved some positive results. Patients experienced relief and the regression of their tumors. Unfortunately, the injections did not result in any improvement for patients whose disease had already progressed to an advanced stage.

While this research is promising, and should be explored further, the diseases associated with exposure to asbestos remain quite devastating and fatal for many patients.

In other news concerning mesothelioma, some U.S. companies continue to put their employees’ lives at risk by purchasing mislabeled gaskets from Europe. The gaskets indicate that they are free of asbestos, but investigations have proven that they do, in fact, contain toxic materials.

This type of negligent behavior puts consumers at risk. Despite the ongoing research into cures for the deadly diseases caused by exposure to asbestos, there is no cure. Companies and individuals who put other lives in jeopardy may be held responsible for any damage or wrongful death that may result from the exposure and negligence.

Source: Top News, “Breakthrough In Mesothelioma Cancer Research,” Davell Wilkins, Dec. 17, 2011