Man suing 199 companies for his father’s wrongful death

In previous posts, we have taken a closer look at industries in which people may be exposed to asbestos. When a person develops a fatal lung disease such as mesothelioma, an investigation may take place to determine where or how he or she may have had contact with asbestos.

In many industries until the 1980s, a person was typically unaware of the dangers of working with asbestos. Before a diagnosis, a person may never suffer any ailments as it can take up to 40 years for victims to show symptoms. Therefore, tracking down the source of exposure can sometimes be tricky.

One man who lost his father to asbestosis and mesothelioma believes he may have tracked down the source of his father’s exposure. According to a lawsuit he just filed, the man claims 199 companies are responsible for the toxic products his father was exposed to.

The man claims that all the defendants he names failed to inform his father of the asbestos that was in their products. Additionally, he says they also failed to instruct his father about proper handling procedures and what apparel would be safe to wear around their toxic materials.

It has been noted that people who are most at-risk for developing asbestosis or mesothelioma were likely exposed to asbestos at many jobs. The fact that this man claims that his father had contact with asbestos at nearly 200 companies could mean that his exposure level was extremely high. This would increase his risk of developing a lung disease which would ultimately lead to his untimely and preventable death. If it is proven that the man died as a result of any of the toxic products he handled at these companies, his family may receive financial compensation.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Man names 199 defendants in asbestos suit,” Kyla Asbury, Jan. 1, 2012