Man pleads guilty to removing asbestos without a license

Asbestos was used in building materials and thousands of products for generations in North Carolina before the federal government banned the product in the late 1980s. As a result, countless American buildings still have asbestos in them, whether it’s serving as insulation or some other purpose. As long as they sit undisturbed in a building, asbestos-containing products don’t pose a huge health risk to the occupants, but if something knocks asbestos fibers into the air, occupants can inhale the fibers, exposing themselves to risks of cancer and other health problems.

Because of this risk, removing asbestos safely requires very careful work. Asbestos removal companies must be licensed by the government and must follow approved procedures.

Recently, a man pleaded guilty to charges that he performed asbestos removal at numerous locations without a license. He could be sentenced to seven years in prison for unlawful release of a toxic pollutant and violation of an asbestos removal licensing law.

Authorities said the man ran an unlicensed business that removed asbestos from dozens of locations, including schools, daycare centers and apartment complexes. Authorities said they believe that toxic material was released into 10 of these locations.

In many case, those who develop mesothelioma and otherwise suffer injury due to asbestos product exposure may be compensated for medical expenses and other damages through a personal injury lawsuit. These lawsuits are typically filed against the manufacturers of asbestos products and are based upon the legal theory of product liability. It’s important for the injured to have the help of North Carolina attorneys with experience in asbestos-related lawsuits.

Source:, “Man admits to removing asbestos from Hackettstown, Union Township schools without license,” Matthew Bultman, March 11, 2014