Hurricane damage in schools causing asbestos, mold exposure

Hurricane Sandy will continue to affect the communities along the east coast for years to come and in New York, parents complained about the conditions of a storm-damaged school. Investigators found that the parents had good reason to be worried as tests have found mold and asbestos and PS 114Q in the school.

People who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy are seeing mold grow in their homes that were flooded and felt that other buildings including schools would also be facing a similar situation. The scary part is asbestos exposure can cause mesothelioma, a life altering disease with no cure.

The asbestos and mold were found in the school’s auditorium and crawl space. Workers sealed off this part of the school while the asbestos and mold were removed. The school re-opened a few days later, but parents felt that this area should not be open to children until everything was cleared and checked throughout the school. The school was then shut down again.

The Department of Education ensured that the entire building was cleaned and that the air quality was tested. The school passed the inspection and a letter was sent to parents talking about their plan of action to eradicate the asbestos and mold. The school assured parents that the conditions are safe for all children and staff.

In many instances people have no idea that they are being exposed to asbestos or other types of hazardous materials and long-term exposure can result in contracting mesothelioma. If you are suffering from an asbestos-related disease and know where the exposure may have taken place, you should contact an attorney that specializes in this type of personal injury.

Source:, “Mold, asbestos cleanup underway in storm-damaged school,” Darla Miles, Dec. 8, 2012