Dealing with asbestos before a storm can be crucial

We are officially in the time of year when North Carolina residents must be prepared for serious weather conditions; particularly residents who live close to the coast. Between now and the end of the year, the risk of hurricanes and other severe storms is a very real concern and it is essential that people are prepared.

One way to prepare for the devastating impact of these storms is to remember that not all the damage done can be seen immediately. In some cases, people are exposed to asbestos following a storm and this can take a serious toll on their health that may not show up for 20, 30 or 40 years.

In this article we wrote, we noted that many of the tips for avoiding devastating exposure to asbestos involve safe handling practices during the cleanup after a storm. Because asbestos was so heavily used in building construction materials for decades, there is a very real chance that the debris from neighboring homes and other buildings may contain asbestos.

To avoid coming into contact with friable asbestos — which is asbestos that is easily crumbled and particularly harmful — people in North Carolina may want to have certified asbestos abatement workers remove any building debris after a storm. Wetting down asbestos in the meantime can also help keep people safe.

This is all crucial information that we hope people remember in the aftermath of a serious storm. However, because it can be such a frightening and chaotic time, it may be best to take steps to keep yourself and others safe before a storm ever happens.

People who own buildings that contain asbestos can have their property assessed for asbestos at any time. If there are areas of concern or particularly dangerous materials found, owners can have the asbestos removed and disposed of before a storm tears up the building and scatters hazardous debris everywhere.

People who have questions about their responsibilities as a property owner or their options for holding accountable a party linked to unsafe asbestos practices would be wise to discuss their situation with an attorney familiar with asbestos litigation.