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June 2015 Archives

Dealing with asbestos before a storm can be crucial

We are officially in the time of year when North Carolina residents must be prepared for serious weather conditions; particularly residents who live close to the coast. Between now and the end of the year, the risk of hurricanes and other severe storms is a very real concern and it is essential that people are prepared.

Communication can be a crucial part of healing

These days, people are constantly communicating with each other. We can text, email, call or video chat with a few clicks on our phones. Answers to pretty much any question can be found online; sharing information is as easy as posting a news story on Facebook. The speed with which we can send and receive information is faster than ever.

Mesothelioma diagnosis may require legal diagnosis

Most people in North Carolina are aware that asbestos can cause several serious diseases, including mesothelioma (a deadly form of lung cancer) and asbestosis. Yet people are surprised to learn that asbestos that was installed in buildings many decades ago is still causing these diseases and that people who have been exposed to asbestos may have a viable legal claim for damages for pain and suffering and medical expenses.

Is mesothelioma always considered a work-related illness?

We often discuss the fact that many people who develop mesothelioma were exposed to toxic asbestos on the job and that the disease is often considered an occupational illness. But many people wonder: Is mesothelioma always considered work-related?

Man awarded $6 million in product liability lawsuit

It is very common for there to be multiple parties named in a lawsuit stemming from asbestos exposure. This is because there are often several companies and individuals involved in the manufacturing, distribution, sales and use of asbestos that can all be held accountable if they engage in negligent behavior.

We provide competent product liability representation

Readers of this blog may be familiar with asbestos-related issues, and even those who are new to our posts may have felt bombarded with television advertisements for legal services addressing mesothelioma and other diseases caused by asbestos. Though you may feel inundated with asbestos related news, as illustrated in last week's post, this issue continues to arise, putting many at risk of debilitating and oftentimes fatal illnesses.

What we look for when investigating asbestos exposure

Today, most homeowners and employers and well aware that asbestos is dangerous and should be addressed as soon as it is discovered. Those who fail to do this can end up putting people's lives in danger can face serious repercussions. Now with the Internet and news stories at our fingertips, it can be easier than ever to file a complaint and read about companies or parties who were negligent with asbestos practices.

County workers complain about asbestos exposure

Exposure to asbestos-containing products and airborne asbestos fibers continues to put the health of construction and demolition workers at risk. North Carolina and most other states contain dozens of buildings in which asbestos was used for fire-proofing and insulation. Whenever one of these products is disturbed by remodeling or demolition, the persons performing the work can be exposed to asbestos fibers. A recent case in New York provides another example.

Veterans and their families may qualify for benefits

People who have served in the military often have to cope with injuries and illnesses related to their service long after they have left active duty. The physical, emotional and psychological toll of serving the country can be a battle that veterans and their families have to fight indefinitely.

"Bare metal defense" may not protect against asbestos claims

In a ruling that could affect asbestos claims in North Carolina and several other states, a federal district judge has rejected the contention that manufacturers of products that contain no asbestos cannot be liable if the product is later combined with asbestos-containing products. For years, manufacturers of metal parts that did not contain asbestos argued that they were not liable for claims resulting from the subsequent combination of their products with one or more products that contained asbestos fibers. This defense became known as the "bare metal defense."

3 ways that doctors can detect asbestos-related illnesses

Health problems that involve the lungs are often very serious. People can have decreased lung capacity and find it difficult to breathe. They may need to use portable oxygen machines and often have chest pain. An illness of this type can significantly upset a person's life and health. This is why it can be so detrimental to have lung illnesses diagnosed as soon as possible when treatment can be more effective.

How an attorney can help you seek relief after asbestos exposure

Asbestos cases can be enormously complicated. There are often several parties involved, huge amounts of money at stake and victims dealing with painful illnesses and shortened life spans. All these factors can create somewhat of a storm: victims who need relief immediately going up against companies that have a vested interest in delaying claims.


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