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Employees worked for weeks in monument with asbestos

Asbestos has been trouble ever since it was discovered it could cause mesothelioma. Each year around 2,500 people are diagnosed with Mesothelioma. North Carolina is among the states with the highest incidence of the fatal cancer. Unfortunately, for many in the U.S. and abroad asbestos was a key component in many of the homes built before its cancer causing side-effects were documented. Because of the sheer number of buildings lined with asbestos the U.S. will continue battling the deadly material for years to come.

Asbestos discovered during auditorium demolition

North Carolina residents who have been exposed to asbestos need to be aware of the potential for harm. In many instances, people aren't even aware that they or loved ones were exposed to asbestos when they develop health problems associated with the substance. Asbestos-related disease will almost inevitably result in death to those who suffer from it. Their family members need to be aware of the possibility of filing asbestos litigation to be compensated.

What are the dangers and health risks of asbestos in my home?

What asbestos is was recently discussed on this blog. In general, having asbestos in your home may not present a danger or a health hazard. Of great concern, however, is if harmful asbestos fibers are released into the home or other environment where asbestos may be found, asbestos can become damaged over time and dangerous fibers can be released. Primarily in the past, asbestos was used as an additive to strengthen a variety of products and provide fire resistance and heat insulation.

Damages that may be awarded in wrongful death claims

It is all but impossible to overestimate the devastation families suffer when someone is diagnosed with a serious and ultimately fatal illness caused by asbestos exposure. Worlds can be turned upside down and there is often extensive and unfortunate adjustments that need to be made rather quickly, leaving victims and their families feeling lost, angry, sad and overwhelmed.

Clothing can provide critical protection from asbestos

There are some jobs that require workers to handle or be in the presence of unsafe materials. This exposure can be all but unavoidable. But when workers are exposed to a toxic substance or dangerous product at work, it is critical that they have access to protective equipment that can keep them safe.

What industries have a high risk of asbestos exposure?

The mineral asbestos has been used for almost 150 years to make products that can withstand a high level of heat, such as steam pipe insulation and brake pads. About 70 years ago, the scientific and medical communities began to test for and document the significant health risks posed when asbestos fibers are inhaled. Among the most important findings of these studies is a list of industries and occupations that have the highest risk of exposure to asbestos-containing products.

Time: friend or foe in asbestos claims?

When it comes to legal and medical issues related to asbestos, time can be one of the biggest challenges. There are a number of complications that time can present, and it is important for victims of asbestos-related illnesses and their families to know what they may be up against.

Study: Multiple cell mutations found in mesothelioma development

There is no question that mesothelioma is a horrible disease that can lead to a rapid, unpleasant death. When it is diagnosed it is often that much more difficult to handle because of the circumstances surrounding the development of the condition. In many cases those who are diagnosed with mesothelioma were unknowingly exposed to asbestos over a long period of time. It is fair to say that many facing the reality of having mesothelioma would have selected a different occupation had they been aware of the risks.

When veterans develop asbestos-related diseases

Many of our nation's veterans were exposed to significant harms during their time serving our country. Some of these harms were ones that veterans were aware that they could face, as there are many risks associated with combat. However, there are other harms and risks veterans may have faced that they may not have been aware that they could be subjected to. Among these are the risks and harms of asbestos exposure.

Is asbestos banned for use in products in the US?

When a product or substance poses a threat to the health and safety of consumers, it may be necessary to pull the unsafe materials off the market to protect people. There are many ingredients and materials that have been banned for use in materials, but not all hazardous substances are completely prohibited in the U.S.

An asbestos primer: What is asbestos?

Many people in North Carolina know in a general way that asbestos causes cancer, but few people know much about the scientific nature of asbestos, or its sources, or its uses. From time to time, this blog will discuss the fundamental scientific, medical and legal issues associated with asbestos.

Homeowners face losing homes, land due to asbestos

Asbestos is an international concern as it is used in materials that are shipped and used around the world. Even when people living in other countries are affected by asbestos, they still face the same devastation and challenges that people living right here in North Carolina face in regards to asbestos.


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