Home renovation can pose asbestos risk

It seems like home improvement shows are all the rage these days. Popular television channels like the DIY Network and HGTV make remodeling and redecorating seem easier than ever, and more homeowners are deciding to take on the work themselves.

However, what people need to know is that there are some serious risks involved with home renovation, especially in older homes. One of the primary risks involves asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a dangerous mineral fiber that can cause cancer and other serious health complications with exposure.

While most building products that are manufactured today do not contain asbestos, this is not true of homes that were built many decades ago. In fact, asbestos was used frequently in home building as a way to strengthen building materials as well as to provide heat insulation and fire resistance.

The good news is that according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, having asbestos in your home is not usually a serious problem if the asbestos is left alone and is in good condition. However, if the asbestos is damaged or disrupted and the fibers are made airborne, your health could be at risk.

The CPSC reports that asbestos hazards can be found in numerous areas of the home, and it can only be properly identified with a microscope. Before taking any steps in home remodeling or renovation, it’s important to know if your home hasbestos so that it can be taken care of properly.

You can find out if a material contains asbestos by having it inspected by professionals. If asbestos is found, the materials will need to be removed and/or repaired by professionals in order to keep your family safe while you continue on with your renovation project.

In addition to being found in the home, asbestos is also frequently found in buildings like schools and workplaces, which we discuss further here on our website.