Time: friend or foe in asbestos claims?

When it comes to legal and medical issues related to asbestos, time can be one of the biggest challenges. There are a number of complications that time can present, and it is important for victims of asbestos-related illnesses and their families to know what they may be up against.

Time can seem to drag on and on or move much too quickly for people who are dealing with health issues related to asbestos exposure. Dealing with these fluctuations in time can be exhausting, both physically and mentally and it can be very beneficial to seek guidance and support to try and take some control over the difficult situation. But time is still of the essence when it comes to seeking this support.

On one hand, asbestos illnesses generally take decades to develop. But time speeds up considerably once a diagnosis is made. In many cases, a person may only have a matter of months or weeks to live after being diagnosed.

Acting quickly in these situations can be essential. Medical treatments can be more effective when it begins right away and at the early stages of a condition. It can also be important to seek legal support sooner, rather than later. As we described in one article on our website, there is a statute of limitations on asbestos personal injury claims in North Carolina. This means that in general, a person only has three years to file a legal claim for damages after being diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness. Failure to file in this amount of time could make it impossible to collect compensation.

Asbestos litigation can be frustrating. Defendants in these cases can be motivated to drag out the process in the hopes that victim or family member will drop a claim, as they also understand the challenges presented by time. They may try to use time as a weapon by creating delays.

However, medical and legal professionals who understand the importance of acting quickly and limiting delays can be helpful allies in working within the confines of time and identifying effective resolutions. It can be difficult to cope with all the devastating challenges created by asbestos exposure, but having support can help people regain some control and use the time available to their advantage.