Widow believes asbestos exposure on the job killed husband

The widow of a deceased police officer is sharing the story of her husband who died after contracting mesothelioma, a deadly disease that typically develops from repeated exposure to asbestos. The 73-year-old man was diagnosed with the disease in the summer of 2009 and died less than two months later.

Although asbestos exposure is not generally an issue for law enforcement personnel, a coroner determined that the late police officer died from an industrial illness. His wife said that while she was surprised that her husband contracted cancer from work, she said he had been exposed to asbestos several times during his career as a police officer.

She recalled an incident from the 1970s when her husband and other police officers cleared asbestos from a room in a police station. She believes that there were other instances when the officers were tasked with removing asbestos from buildings.

The officer’s wife claims that she is not hoping for any sort of compensation, but merely wants to find out whether asbestos exposure was indeed what caused her husband to contract cancer. Others who have lost loved ones to the illness may find themselves in a similar situation, simply wanting answers.

Contracting any type of illness can be frustrating, especially if it occurs over a period of time at work. Employees should not have to worry about unsafe or unhealthy work environments.

Asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma can lead to costly medical treatment and procedures. Workers may find themselves in financially tight situations, especially if they are unable to work. Workers’ Compensation benefits can help alleviate much of the stress that can come with financial challenges.

Source: Sunday Mercury: “Former Birmingham policeman died ‘after being exposed to asbestos at station,” Adam Aspinall, Oct. 30, 2011