When veterans develop asbestos-related diseases

Many of our nation’s veterans were exposed to significant harms during their time serving our country. Some of these harms were ones that veterans were aware that they could face, as there are many risks associated with combat. However, there are other harms and risks veterans may have faced that they may not have been aware that they could be subjected to. Among these are the risks and harms of asbestos exposure.

During the 20th century, particularly its middle decades, asbestos was used in a variety of contexts, including contexts associated with military life. Thus, for individuals who served as members of the military in the 20th century, there may be a possibility that they were exposed to asbestos during their military service.

There are a variety of different diseases that asbestos exposure can lead to a person developing. One of these is mesothelioma. This disease can take awhile to develop. Thus, it is possible for a veteran to not realize they were harmed by an asbestos exposure until long after the time of the exposure.

Thus, when a veteran discovers they have an asbestos-related disease, they may have many questions. How did this happen? When was I exposed to asbestos? Did this come about due to my military service? Do I have any options to receive compensation for the harm asbestos exposure has caused me?

Our firm is committed to helping veterans who have developed asbestos-related diseases find answers to the questions they have about how they were exposed to asbestos and to helping them find all the compensation-seeking options that are available to them.

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