Well-known actor passes away from mesothelioma

When we go to see movies, many of us appreciate a good action film that has us on the edge of our seats. However, if we knew that the actors in movies or on TV were repeatedly put in danger of getting seriously injured or sick, we might not be so eager to buy a ticket.

Unfortunately, we do not always realize the true dangers that some people face in the entertainment industry. For example, well-known actor Ed Lauter recently passed away from an asbestos-related illness that his family says was the result of working in TV studios where asbestos was present. It may come as a surprise to some people that actors and others in the entertainment industry were put in the position of being exposed to asbestos, but according to Lauter’s family, that is exactly what caused the mesothelioma that would ultimately claim Lauter’s life.

Lauter appeared in over 200 film and television projects. His impressive career started in the 1970s, which was long after the dangers of asbestos were known but before widespread efforts were made to protect people from exposure. During his time on sets and in studios, Lauter was exposed to asbestos repeatedly, according to a lawsuit filed by his widow and family members.

Not only was there asbestos in the studios he was working, but it was also used in various car parts manufactured by Ford which Lauter was also exposed to. After years of breathing in asbestos fibers, Lauter developed mesothelioma. His family says that they want to hold Ford, CBS network and General Electric responsible for failing to take appropriate measures to protect Lauter from the toxic material. They have filed lawsuits against these parties for Lauter’s wrongful death.

Asbestos exposure puts people in serious danger. Unfortunately, many companies were willing to compromise the health of their employees in the interest of making or saving money. While it is too late to protect people who have already developed asbestos-related illnesses, victims and their families can file a legal claim against appropriate parties to hold them accountable for the tragic consequences of their negligence.

Source: Realty Today, “Ed Lauter’s widow accuses CBS, NBC and Ford for the actor’s death,” Chandan Das, April 12, 2014