Veterans: Seeking help when seeking benefits can be crucial

Veterans of the U.S. military should know that they can be eligible for benefits if they get sick or hurt while on active duty. Unfortunately, veterans also know that it can be a frustrating and complicated process. In many cases, navigating the system to apply for benefits successfully can just add stress to an already difficult situation.

Combine the complexities of trying to get through the process of applying for benefits with the challenges associated with asbestos illnesses and you can find yourself completely overwhelmed. However, it is important not to lose hope or give up. Working with an attorney can prove to be a wise decision for vets who suffer from asbestos-related illnesses.

When you look at the information about asbestos exposure in the military provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, it can all seem pretty straightforward and simple. According to the VA website, any person who served in the military, was exposed to asbestos and developed a related illness is eligible to receive benefits, as long as that person was not dishonorably discharged.

The website notes that an applicant must show evidence of exposure and that an illness or injury related to that exposure has been suffered.

At first, this can all sound pretty easy. But tracking down this evidence and making the necessary connections between asbestos exposure, the actual source of the exposure and the connection to an illness can be much trickier than people realize. Further, trying to figure this out while also dealing with a devastating illness can be very stressful, which people in failing health should try to avoid.

However, all this does not change the fact that benefits for veterans can be essential. Rather than miss out on this much-needed financial support for which you may be eligible, it can be a good idea to seek the help and guidance of an attorney familiar with asbestos illnesses and navigating the VA benefits system.