Terminally ill asbestos worker seeks compensation

Workers exposed to harsh chemicals for a number of years can often suffer from serious illness as a result of that exposure. One such worker, a 59-year-old man in Cornwall, U.K., was been diagnosed with mesothelioma last summer and given a maximum of six months to live. Chemotherapy treatments have helped to keep the cancer at bay, though have also left him house bound and weak.

Knowing asbestos exposure caused his terminal illness, he has filed a case for compensation against a former employer, saying he should have been given more protection on the job.

Cases of asbestos exposure resulting in mesothelioma happen in North Carolina and across the U.S., and with the dire prognosis that follows, victims must act quickly when seeking compensation. Families of victims may also file wrongful death lawsuits after the loss of a family member dies from disease contracted as a result of asbestos exposure.

It used to be quite common for piping to be insulated by asbestos. The fiber was a cheap, easily-accessible material that was used for its fire-resistant quality. In this case, the man says he frequently came into contact with asbestos while he was painting heating pipes. Dust covered the pipes, making them easily inhalable by anyone working in the areas. The man is also looking for others who worked with him at the time to come forward to support his claims.

A spokesperson for the man’s former employer said he could not speak to this specific case, but he was aware of such claims. He further said the company takes seriously matters regarding the health and safety of their employees.

Source: This is Cornwall, “Terminal asbestos victim launches compensation bid,” Jan. 3, 2013

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