Spice shows promise in battle against mesothelioma

Those who have been damage by the harmful effects of mesothelioma are sure to be interested in any new study that is done on the subject. Every bit of data collected by researches has the potential to change the lives of individuals, families and loved ones who have been exposed to the disease from asbestos, whether through the workplace or other places. Recently, interesting statistics on developments in the disease’s progression have been published.

In many cases of cancer, mesothelioma included, STAT3 (an intracellular protein and transcription factor) is a main factor. STAT3 sends signals that spark cancers and their continued growth. However, the study shows that high levels of PIAS3 (an inhibitor of STAT3) has a positive effect on the life expectancy of someone diagnosed with mesothelioma. One substance that raises PIAS3 levels is the spice called curcumin, a derivative of turmeric.

However, there is where an issue arises. The body has a very difficult time absorbing curcumin, making the potential PIAS3-boost much more difficult. Therefore, researchers say that a new derivative of curcumin must be found so that the body can absorb it more efficiently, increasing PIAS3 levels in the process and hopefully slowing the crawl of STAT3 and mesothelioma.

Any push forward in the realm of mesothelioma is good news for those suffering from the disease. However, the genesis of one’s illness is also an important factor in many ways. If one’s cancer was the result of exposure to asbestos in a workplace, there may be legal courses of action one can take. In these situations, seeking the guidance of an experienced attorney can help make the process less stressful.

Source: medicalxpress.com, “Curcumin, special peptides boost cancer-blocking PIAS3 to neutralize STAT3 in mesothelioma,” accessed on Sept. 17, 2014