School renovation shows possibility of asbestos product exposure

Asbestos product exposure can lead to serious health issues for people in Rowan. Individuals who have been exposed to asbestos-containing products may not have been aware that an asbestos company had put the products in place. Asbestos exposure can lead to mesothelioma, which is a cancer that results in illness and a rapid death. It can also cause other serious health issues.

Construction on a school with over 1,800 students will include the removal of asbestos. The school is being renovated and it was found that asbestos was placed in the wallboards and floor of the school auditorium. Given the age of the school building, it is not surprising that asbestos was part of the school construction. Parents were informed via letter of the presence of asbestos. Two expressed reservations regarding asbestos product exposure for their children. The area of the school will be sealed from students and school staff while the renovation is ongoing. They will not have access to it.

It’s no surprise that there are still buildings with asbestos as part of the construction. Years ago, asbestos was used for many purposes until it was discovered that it could be seriously dangerous to the health of those who were subject to asbestos product exposure. Although asbestos was removed from the market, companies knew of the dangers long before the public became aware of them. These companies didn’t take steps to remove the asbestos, leaving them open for a product liability lawsuit after people became ill with mesothelioma and other serious diseases. The asbestos company can be held responsible when illness occurs as a result of asbestos product exposure.

In this case, the renovation of the school includes the removal of asbestos. However, if people became ill after working in the school, they might have the basis of a lawsuit due to asbestos product exposure. These individuals might not have been aware that asbestos was present in the school. They would be smart to contact an attorney to discuss their case to try and recover compensation in a product liability lawsuit.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Mt. Lebanon High School Renovation Will Also Remove Asbestos,” Rick Dayton, Jan. 2, 2014