Repair workers exposed to asbestos on the job

We have discussed the fact that asbestos has been used for several decades in many materials. While most people have stopped using the dangerous product, it does not mean that workers are safe from coming into contact with it. In fact, companies all across the country continue to repair, demolish and reconstruct buildings that contain asbestos. Many of these companies also continue to put their own workers in danger of developing various illnesses, including mesothelioma.

People who are now suffering from the effects of asbestos exposure were likely exposed to it as much as 50 years ago. Once many of these victims are diagnosed with asbestos-related illnesses, it can often be too late to undergo effective treatment. This is why it can be crucial to contact an attorney as soon as a person has been exposed to asbestos on the job. Not only can a person apply for workers’ compensation benefits, but they can also get the event on record.

Last summer, workers who were repairing broken water mains were shocked to find out that they had been working with asbestos. They had been sawing through concrete pipes which would spray dusty fibers all over them. At the time, they had no idea that the dust contained asbestos.

The workers say they were never warned about the presence of asbestos on the job, and they were not provided with respirators, eye protection or proper disposal suits. Because of this negligence, workers may have suffered irreparable damage to their lungs and other internal organs.

There may be a case made for a third-party lawsuit against the city for hiring the construction company who was tasked with repairing the pipes, but for the workers who were exposed, it would be better to take action sooner than later. Sometimes third-party lawsuits can take years to resolve. Immediately pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, however, could help victims now and in the long run. With the help of workers’ compensation, victims can begin getting screening tests and receiving other medical treatments before they are diagnosed with a disease and it is too late.

Source:, “City contract worker exposed to asbestos while on the job: ‘I’m scared’,” Jeremy Rogalski, Nov. 13, 2012