Recent talc trial ended in mistrial due to juror indecision

The health and beauty brand Johnson & Johnson has lost some really large lawsuits in recent months. Many of them stem from contamination claims related to their talcum powder, which Johnson & Johnson sells marketed as baby powder.

Several large rulings have been won by plaintiffs claiming that their serious cancers related to lifelong use of or exposure to Johnson & Johnson’s talc powder. However, this big company has become more adept at creating seeds of doubt within jurors and continues to deny responsibility while also pushing back against rulings in favor of plaintiffs.

A recent trial in Pasadena, California, ended up a mistrial because jurors couldn’t decide whether or not the company contributed to the plaintiff’s cancer.

Asbestos contamination could cause cancer in baby powder users

Claims of contaminated baby powder have become more frequent in recent months. With the leak of internal memos from Johnson & Johnson acknowledging the potential for asbestos contamination, more people have been willing to come forward seeking compensation after their diagnosis with mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a particularly aggressive and deadly form of cancer that has no known cure. Many people who develop mesothelioma will only exhibit symptoms decades after exposure to asbestos. The idea that baby powder could contain asbestos makes sense. After all, talc and asbestos are minerals that often exist in close proximity to one another in natural deposits.

Victim developed mesothelioma, allegedly due to baby powder

In the case that recently ended in Pasadena, the plaintiff was hoping to secure $25 million in damages related to the development of mesothelioma. Unfortunately, jurors in this case could not agree on whether her use of Johnson & Johnson baby powder related to the development of this deadly cancer.

This was despite the fact that the attorneys of the plaintiff found asbestos fibers in talc powder purchased by the plaintiff. It is not known yet whether the plaintiff will seek another trial after the jury indecision in this case.

Anyone sickened by contaminated health and beauty products deserves compensation

Any company that creates a product for public consumption has a duty to the public to ensure that that product is safe. Unfortunately, many companies are willing to cut corners when it comes to safety testing products. That could mean failing to notice contaminated talc powder before it gets shipped out to stores.

People who were otherwise unexposed to asbestos could end up developing deadly cancers as a result of cut corners by health and beauty brands. For those who have developed an asbestos-related cancer and believe it is the result of contaminated talc powder, there is still potential for a successful lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and other health and beauty companies.