Proving the source of asbestos in a product liability case

People who believe that they may have been exposed to asbestos often wonder how the sources of the asbestos can be determined. After all, asbestos was produced and used by a large number of companies before the health risks became widely known. Nevertheless, lawyers who specialize in representing persons who have experienced asbestos product exposure and who suffer from one or more asbestos-caused illnesses have a number of methods of answering this question.

The first task for the lawyer is to obtain a complete work history from the client. Certain dustries and occupations are widely known to have exposed workers to asbestos fibers. Ships made before 1970 contained large amounts of asbestos, and Navy veterans and shipyard workers are likely to have been exposed to asbestos fibers. Steam fitters and construction workers also have high asbestos exposure rates. Auto mechanics were exposed to asbestos fibers every time they worked on a car’s clutch or brakes. Many other occupations caused extensive asbestos product exposure for a large number of workers.

The law firm of Wallace & Graham in Salisbury, NC maintains extensive files on companies that manufactured or used asbestos-containing products. These files allow the firm’s lawyers to use the client’s work history to determine which asbestos products he or she was most likely exposed to. The firm can also use the discovery process to obtain additional information about the possible sources of asbestos exposure.

Anyone who suffers from an asbestos-related disease, such as lung cancer, mesothelioma or asbestosis, or who has lost a loved one to one of these diseases, may wish to consult an attorney at Wallace & Graham. Such a consultation can shed light on where the victim may have been exposed to asbestos and the likelihood of recovering damages for medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.