Protecting your rights against workplace exposure

Many important jobs throughout the country put workers in close contact with hazardous chemicals or materials containing dangerous chemicals. For the protection of workers in these conditions, employers with facilities that store or handle harmful substances must take certain safety measures. However, it is still common for employees to work in unsafe conditions that may put many individuals at risk, and employees in these circumstances must protect their own rights.

If you work in an environment that puts you in close contact with toxic materials, you can take steps now to protect yourself and build a strong claim if you suffer harm from toxic exposure. With a strong legal strategy, you have the tools to protect your rights and pursue fair compensation for losses and suffering caused by the exposure.

Protecting yourself in the workplace

If you find credible evidence of exposure to toxic materials or chemicals in your workplace, It is important to seek a medical examination from your doctor as soon as possible. The sooner you identify symptoms of exposure, the sooner you can begin proper treatment, which can make a big difference in the severity of the symptoms, and the length end cost of recovery. It is wise to keep the documentation from this examination and any subsequent treatment, to help build a claim later on, if necessary.

An employer may respond several ways to protect employees from exposure, including:

  • Administrative changes to practices around the toxic substance and areas affected by it
  • Isolation of the material with proper barriers
  • Substitution of nontoxic materials in processes and practices in the workplace, where possible
  • Ventilation to remove buildup and reduce toxicity, in some cases
  • Personal protective equipment to reduce or remove risk of exposure

An employer may use some or all of these measures to address exposure, and employees may have to fight to enforce these protective measures in order to keep themselves safe.

Begin protecting yourself today

If you suspect that you suffered exposure to a toxic chemical or material in your workplace, you can begin protecting yourself in two ways. It is important to see your doctor as soon as you can for an examination to identify exposure symptoms. Treatment now may save you from more severe symptoms and treatments later on.

It is also useful to build a legal strategy to understand your rights and protect them. With a strong strategy and an understanding of the tools you have available, you can keep your rights secure while fighting for just practices in the workplace.