North Carolina residents may want to follow mesothelioma case

The vast majority of North Carolina residents, as well as individuals across the country, assume that the air they are breathing is relatively clean and safe. Over the years, laws have been put into place to ensure this. Unfortunately, for many middle-aged and older Americans, exposure to asbestos and other dangers in our air occurred when little thought was given to air safety, resulting in mesothelioma and other illnesses.

One family in Louisiana is grieving the death of a wife and mother as a result of mesothelioma. They have stated that her illness was caused by asbestos that was used in driveways and became a part of the dust in the air during the 1950s and 1960s. The victim lived in an area where this type of driveway was common, and the dust particles from the asbestos filled the air in her home.

The victim’s family believes that the companies listed in their suit should have warned the families in the area of the possible dangers. Additionally, the companies that produced the asbestos products may have product liability issues. The family is seeking restitution for both financial and emotional loss. in addition to other damages.

North Carolina families whose loved ones are suffering or have suffered from mesothelioma may want to keep an eye on this case as it unfolds. This deadly disease can quickly claim the life of a loved one, leaving a grief-stricken family to suffer. Investigating available legal options may be in the best interest of these families.

Source: The Louisiana Record, Family of deceased woman allegedly exposed to asbestos used as driveway filler sues, Kyle Barnett Roshawn, Dec. 17, 2013