Negligence lawsuit filed by former shipyard worker

Shipyard workers have been disproportionately affected by the devastating effects of asbestos for decades. Men and women who worked on military ships or in the yards were commonly exposed to asbestos on the job without being informed of how dangerous breathing in asbestos can be. Now, years later, many of these workers and their families are being diagnosed with mesothelioma and other terrible illnesses as a result of that exposure.

One man recently filed a lawsuit claiming that numerous parties should be held responsible for negligent asbestos practices during his time working on ships until the 1960s. Sadly, this man’s case is not unusual.

Like many other people who have taken legal action against shipyard, railroad and construction companies, the man says he worked for years using products that contained asbestos. Not only was he never given protective equipment to keep him from safe from breathing in the airborne asbestos, but he was also never even warned about how dangerous the fiber actually is.

Unfortunately, we read about these cases all too often: people getting sick decades after being exposed to asbestos. In many cases, the victims worked in the military or on military vessels that regularly used products in their ships that contained asbestos. From pipes to insulation, the material could be found on just about any vessel.

Although there is nothing that can be done to reverse the damage of an asbestos-related illness and treatment options may be limited, victims and their families should know that they have rights to take action against a negligent company. Successful claims can result in compensation for damages that can help a victim get the medical treatment they require and support his or her family who has also suffered as a result of negligent asbestos practices.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Former shipyard worker files suit against numerous companies over mesothelioma lung cancer,” Andrew Stevens, July 17, 2014