Mesothelioma victim takes legal action against 12 parties

Imagine going to the doctor for what may be some minor health complications and learning that you have mesothelioma, an aggressive and devastating form of cancer. You may ask if there was something that caused the disease or if anything could have been done to prevent the illness. Many people who are given this tragic diagnosis are surprised to learn what causes mesothelioma and how simple it could have been to prevent.

Mesothelioma is known to be caused by exposure to asbestos, which is a toxic fiber. The material was used commonly in many household and construction products through the 1980s. In fact, asbestos can still be found in floor tiles, insulation, roofing and plumbing in many buildings today. The dangers of exposure to asbestos have been known for decades, but many victims, like one man in Louisiana, are only learning now that they were negligently exposed to the hazardous material.

The man worked and lived for many years in areas where hazardous asbestos was present. However, like many other victims of asbestos-related diseases, he had no awareness of how just how dangerous it was to be in environments where asbestos could be breathed in. He was recently diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma and he has filed a lawsuit against a dozen companies who he believes are responsible for distributing and using dangerous products without warning victims of the dangers.

Mesothelioma is a devastating illness in large part because it can take decades for symptoms to start showing up. This means that people can spend years around asbestos without noticing any lung or chest problems. Sometimes it’s not until 40 years after exposure when a person is diagnosed. This can make it difficult to track down exactly when and where a person was exposed. But with the help of an attorney, victims have been able to identify parties who may have been responsible for exposing people to asbestos and failing to appropriately warn or protect them.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Individual sues after allegedly suffering health issues due to asbestos exposure,” Leslie Gamboni, Aug. 21, 2013