Man dies from asbestos-related disease

People can suffer from a number of devastating and fatal diseases after being exposed to asbestos. Besides mesothelioma, which is a cancer of the linings of the lungs, people can also suffer from asbestosis, lung cancers and pleural plaque. Many of these diseases are very aggressive. In the event that a person dies from an asbestos-related disease, families may be able to file a wrongful death against the party responsible for exposure.

Recently, a man tragically passed away from mesothelioma after years of working near asbestos-covered pipes. While he worked at the company for over 30 years, it wasn’t until he was 76 years old that he was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma. He was diagnosed in February and passed away in March for the disease.

The man had worked in a number of jobs where he was certain there was no exposure to asbestos. However, he worked at a power station that had pipes covered in asbestos, with which he had constant and daily contact. In fact, the man said he could see the loose asbestos dust in the air, and he and all his other co-workers breathed it in all day, every day.

Before he passed away, and because of his rapidly deteriorating health, the man put together a detailed report of his exposure to the asbestos. Initially he thought the symptoms he had were related to a chest infection. However, doctors discovered the mesothelioma and attempted to drain the fluid out of his lungs but it did not help. He died shortly after from what the coroner called “industrial disease.”

Losing a loved one from asbestos-related diseases can be devastating. The diseases can move quite quickly and may prove to be fatal before a victim can pursue legal options. When this happens, a family may choose to file a wrongful death against the victim’s former employer or a product manufacturer. While money will never be a replacement for a loved one, financial compensation may provide some support while the families try to move forward.

Source: Burton Mail, “Exposed to asbestos daily,” Peter Richardson, July 24, 2012