Lung cancer victim files lawsuit against 154 companies

Victims of an asbestos-related disease often find themselves in very upsetting and painful situation. They know that they have been exposed to asbestos at some point and they know that the consequences of that exposure have proven to be a serious and life-threatening illness. Often times, these diseases can be quite aggressive and victims have a hard time figuring out what options they have in terms of seeking medical help and holding the party responsible for the exposure accountable.

Too many people try to face this extremely difficult challenge alone or they assume there is nothing that can be done because the exposure likely took place decades ago. However, there are many options for people who have been put in this tragic situation. In many cases, victims of asbestos-exposure work with an attorney to pursue compensation and hold a negligent party accountable.

An attorney can help victims trace back to the source of asbestos exposure by looking at where they have lived and where they have worked. All of this information is then researched to help a person identify where asbestos was likely present and how they may have been exposed. Once this is determined, a person can file a lawsuit against the relevant parties so that a victim can pursue the compensation that he or she may desperately need since their diagnosis.

One man recently filed a lawsuit against 154 companies that he says are responsible for exposing him to asbestos during his employment, which resulted in a lung cancer diagnosis. The man says the companies never warned him about the dangers of asbestos and they failed to provide him with any protective gear to avoid breathing in the asbestos dust which was present.

Since the exposure and his tragic diagnosis, the man says he has suffered severe pain and suffering, in addition to lost wages and other financial losses. The man is seeking punitive and compensatory damages from the companies.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Man names 154 defendants in asbestos suit,” Kyla Asbury, July 9, 2013